ARECDI stands for Arab Research and Ethics Capacity Development Institute.

ARECDI is headed by a consortium of interested persons from Egypt. It aims to provide basic training and build capacities on research and the ethics of health research involving humans, so that research meets highest standards of ethics and promotes the welfare of participants. ARECDI achieves this goal primarily by developing a training programme with local collaborators. In its initial stages,ARECDI focused primarily, but not exclusively, on the needs of the Arabregion.

ARECDI provides access to continuing education courses through:

  • e-Learning: a distance learning program and certification in research & research ethics
  • e-Resources: a participatory website with international, regional and national resources

ARECDI’slearning material is currently available in English [EN] and Arabic [AR]

The e-learning programme is based on internationally recognized ethical principles and regulations. It integrates local issues and perspectives from Arab countries that are relevant to all those who must ensure the protection of research participants and who promote the highest ethical standards.

The ongoing development of this programme promoted co-learning, collaboration and capacity-building amongst partners.